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How To Bank Internationally

International banking often brings one of two things to mind: either a type of account used exclusively by the ultra-wealthy, or, the type of account used by those who have something to hide. The reality is, international accounts appeal to a broad client base.

But what are the benefits associated with having an international account?

Foreign currency
international accounts often allow for multi-currency banking, making them ideal for receiving different currencies into an account, whether that’s your salary as an expat, or your pension in sterling if you have retired abroad.

One of the many advantages of having a multi-currency account is the ability to hold onto your funds in the currency in which they are received until exchange rates become favourable, minimising the risk of currency fluctuations.

Privacy & Security
international accounts are often considered a secure solution for managing your money well. They can offer greater asset protection against future threats such as the consequence of divorce, creditors or even legal action. However, the security of your funds will depend on the regulations of the jurisdiction in which your account is based.
Some jurisdictions also offer strict, financial privacy and confidentiality agreements, which means your personal information will not be passed on to third parties, ensuring your assets are shielded to safeguard your personal or company information.

If you travel frequentlythe convenience of having easy access to funds in a multitude of localised accounts would prove to be an attractive solution as opposed to trying to open a current account every time you travel or relocate. The beauty of the modern banking world is that accounts can be managed online, and transactions can be made in more than one currency.

At Interpolitan Money, we offer privacy-assured banking solutions to suit your bespoke needs whether you’re an individual or a business.

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Most people don’t understand a great deal about international banking, however the fewer numbers of people who do often benefit from broader opportunities and experiences.
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