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Collect funds locally into one global account. Process collections seamlessly in over 55 currencies from over 160 countries.   

Spend less time managing your international collections and open your business to millions of customers overseas in a matter of minutes. Open an international collections account today.

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Payment Networks

Receive funds using local payment networks and avoid charges with intermediary banks.

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Local Currency

Enable your clients to pay in their local currency, allowing them to avoid currency conversion costs. 

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Unique Account

​Use your own unique account details to collect currencies internationally. This includes an account number to receive payments.

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Automate collections and repatriate funds when it suits you from 160 different countries.

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We offer client service, not customer support. Access our relationship managers or use our online platform to view your statements. 

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FX Solutions

Access our FX risk management and payment solutions to manage your foreign exchange collections with our hedging facilities.


Key Features

  • Unique named accounts

  • Pay, collect & hold up to 55 different currencies

  • Multi-jurisdictional domiciled account details 

  • Facilitate all types of entities and individuals from around the world with complex structures

  • FX hedging risk solutions  

  • Transact like a local

  • Send & receive funds to over 160 countries  

  • Access to USD, GBP, EUR and 50+ currencies 

  • Fees apply

Fees apply
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