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Non-Resident Services

Non-Resident Banking

At Interpolitan Money we’ve become the new benchmark for truly global, non-resident banking. Our dedicated relationship managers are experienced in the needs and demands of their clients and their wealth; and ensure long-term relationships are built by being in sync with changing times.

The economic landscape in countries like India is changing rapidly; and the legacy institutional banks are failing to reach the mark and standards expected. Interpolitan Money provides full service digital banking with the traditional service you’re familiar with.

Headquartered from London, the following key factors are taken care of for our thousands of clients worldwide as standard:

  • Interpolitan Money
    KYC Approval
  • Interpolitan Money
    Account Opening
    in 24-72hrs
  • Interpolitan Money
  • Interpolitan Money
    Smartphone App
    for Seamless Banking
  • Interpolitan Money
    domiciled accounts
  • Interpolitan Money
    Access to over
    55 Currencies
  • Interpolitan Money
    Bank grade security
    and encryption
  • Interpolitan Money
    Accounts are integrated
    to payment networks globally
Global Banking Services

We understand you, therefore we know what you will need.

Interpolitan Money

Working & Living Abroad

Moving to a new country can be daunting. We can help keep the process stress-free.
Interpolitan Money

Luxury Items

If you’re moving a large amount of money, it’s important to get it right. We can help with the finer things in life.
Interpolitan Money

Buying/Selling Property

Buying and selling a property is hard enough, especially in another country. Our expertise can help with the process.
Interpolitan Money

Medical Payments

If the worst happens and you need to move money overseas in an emergency, we’re always here to help.
Interpolitan Money

Investing Abroad

Enabled access to global financial and non-financial markets through our multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional suite of banking accounts.
Interpolitan Money

Expanding Abroad

Talk to us about our global partnerships across industry and access our exclusive networking opportunities.
We specialise in

1. UK/EEA Property Purchase(s)

Buying property in the UK or EEA is a popular decision by thousands of global HNI’s every year, doing so however usually requires a local account; however, certain countries considered higher risk, or where individuals are harder to identify, as is the case for most international clients, often creates additional difficulties.

Interpolitan Money can, largely at the expense of legacy banks, open local accounts usually within 24-72hrs.

Monitor rental income from your account, and remit funds securely to over 55 currencies in over 160 countries.
We specialise in

2. Remittances from India

Interpolitan Money is the new bedrock of India > UK LRS payments. We have earned bespoke authorization status to process LRS requests under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) of India. We have built a reputation for robust financial strength and nimbleness that is valued by HNI’s and regulators.

Remitting money from India is a straight forward process with Interpolitan Money. Private client remittances from India is capped at USD 250,000 (or equivalent value in a different currency) each financial year without specific approval from the RBI.
All remittances have to be declared using official forms and there are certain guidelines that we need to ensure you adhere to which restrict the purpose of the remits. Interpolitan can provide resident Indians with local UK and EEA accounts for remittances under LRS. This is a great way for Indian individuals to manage their international banking requirements swiftly, securely and with access to over 55 currencies.
We specialise in

3. Importing & Exporting

Interpolitan Money has an experienced team of relationship managers to enable companies to do business in more places.

With a domiciled business account, companies can receive payments, pay invoices and make bulk payments as standard. By leveraging our dealing desk, international corporate clients can globally manage their exchange rate risk.

Businesses worldwide can open accounts online and obtain unique account details for business use. There is never any need to visit a branch. Directors and shareholder structures are mandatory, full details are available on sign up.

Global and Non-Resident Private and Corporate Accounts

Interpolitan Money is proudly committed in promoting our Human Rights responsibilities across our business. Our approach to Human Rights made in accordance with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 is available on our parent company, Wirepayer Group’s corporate website here. We’re also dedicated to developing Green solutions to our business processes and operations globally. Please consider the environment before printing any part of our website or communications to you.