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Interpolitan Money has joined forces with the esteemed Exclusively Connect, an unrivalled platform working for luxury lifestyle brands, to explore collaborative marketing opportunities.

Established in 2013, Exclusively Connect has created a network of open-minded and inspiring decision-makers with a passion for collaborative working with affluent clients and professional services managing HNI clients. Exclusively now work with some of the finest luxury brands in the country, using the power of partnerships and collaborations.

As part of our new partnership with Exclusively Connect, members of the Interpolitan Money team attended their Lifestyle Showcase 2-day event, The Elite London, featuring over 150- luxury lifestyle brands.

Here's a mini wrap up of day one.


Interpolitan Money A truly global alternative banking solution

Interpolitan offer a comprehensive alternative banking solution, utilising cutting-edge technology to handle multi-currency accounts from beginning to end, allowing clients to pay, collect and hold funds in 55+ currencies from 160+ countries.

Accelerate your international growth with named local accounts, virtual IBANS and access to FX risk management solutions.

Client funds are held in designated, safeguarded bank accounts, with tier 1 banking partners.

Client accounts opened within 7- 10 working days.

Connect and watch this space for more news and updates from Interpolitan.

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