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Our mission is to fill the space between countries, businesses and people, powering financial ambitions with our unique services. 

We provide international multi-currency accounts for private, corporate, non-resident, funds and institutional clients with a dedicated relationship manager as standard.

Clients are given unique named accounts and local IBANs across multiple jurisdictions. We hold your funds in designated, safeguarded bank accounts with our tier one banking partners, so they're always separated from our other assets.


We believe that by financially empowering our international clients, we can build stronger relationships and achieve mutual goals more easily. 


Interpolitan Money 2023 highlights

In 2023, we experienced an exciting year of growth, development, and change.


As we move into 2024, we'd like to extend heartfelt thanks to our incredible clients, partners, suppliers, sponsors and the Interpolitan team.


Our vision

Our vision is to connect a global community through our alternative banking solutions.


As a global leader in alternative banking, we emphasise a holistic approach and consider how all aspects of our services impact the individuals and businesses we serve. Our commitment extends to incorporating sustainable practices into our operations.

Our values

INSPIRATION fuels creativity. 

Inspired leadership, data-driven decisions and collective upskilling help us achieve success. We use deep insight to find inspiration and create financial solutions that empower our clients. 

INTERACTION creates connection.

We interact and collaborate with each other and our clients to build strategy, deliver services and find solutions. Every interaction is an opportunity to grow, evolve and find a better way. 

INNOVATION breaks barriers.

We look for solutions, rather than problems, and encourage team members to share and explore new ideas and better processes. The relationships and networks we cultivate help us drive innovation

INTEGRITY first, always.

Our clients can depend on us to guide them respectfully, with integrity and honesty. We adhere to industry regulations, data protection laws and compliance requirements at all times. 

INFORMATION is everything.

Positive and approachable, we offer constructive advice and make information easy to find and understand. We put our clients first and believe in the power of effective communication. 

Our Values


We work with a range of intermediaries, including partners, affiliates and introducers all over the world. Our partnership opportunities can help you retain and grow your customer base.

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