Our mission is to create a truly global alternative banking solution, in the space between our clients international account barriers and their financial goals.

Interpolitan provides an international multi-currency account platform for private, corporate, non-resident, funds and institutional clients with a dedicated relationship manager as standard.

Clients are provided with unique named accounts and local IBAN’s across multiple jurisdictions. We hold your funds in specially designated, safeguarded bank accounts, with our tier 1 banking partners, which keep your funds separated from our other assets. 


Enabling greater financial opportunities for our international clients is what inspires us to build strong client relationships to achieve your goals together. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the space between now and tomorrow; problems and solutions - your ambitions and successes. We want to achieve and maintain a leading position in global alternative banking, with a holistic focus on the micro- and macro- impressions of our service in all aspects of business, with additional focus on sustainable practices.

Our Values


Interpolitan is led by a dynamic close-knit team who focus on working together to take ownership of and accountability for client solutions. Unafraid to think outside the box or break new ground, we achieve distinction and develop talent by cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, championing innovation and welcoming new insight to inform growth.


Our strategy, services and solutions put the client first, not the company. Interpolitan’s banking relationship managers deliver accessible, proactive, and responsive engagement, ensuring the financial goals of our clients are paramount.


We identify new challenges from a range of perspectives and with expert assessment of operational, financial, and regulatory risks, we develop and execute a range of innovative services with exceptional efficiency. The entrepreneurial mindset of our specialists drives problem-solving that meets the needs of clients, no matter the complexity or timeline. 


Transparency, honesty, and equality are key standards, shaping our communication and delivery of bespoke services and solutions. The technical excellence found in our long-term professional relationships, robust risk management and meticulous compliance guidelines is embedded in our principles of integrity and open dialogue. 


Our success results from vision, growth, and evaluation, where commercial awareness and revision contribute to an up-to-date business outlook. In the fast-paced world of global banking, change is the only constant guaranteed – by evolving alongside market changes we can ensure a seamless service irrespective of the local economic landscape. 


Our Partners