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A distinctive

We empower clients and intermediaries facing traditional banking barriers with personal service and exclusive multi-currency solutions for seamless local and international transactions. 


To bridge the space between countries, businesses and people, powering financial goals with our unique services. 

Our story

In the past, financial journeys were fraught with red tape, slow systems and arbitrary transaction limits. Now, everything has changed. Thanks to our unique approach, Interpolitan clients can meet financial goals and make cross-border transactions easily, all over the world.  


Our corporate logo represents a world without borders, while our peacock “totem” animal defines Interpolitan’s company ethos. An emblem of integrity, wealth and trust, he embodies our standing as reliable specialists in the global financial industry. 


An all-seeing, regenerative figure across mythology and history, the peacock also represents our vision for alternative banking as we assess our impact from all viewpoints, both within the financial industry and across the wider environment.  


Interpolitan is a synergy of people, places and practices that combine to form meaningful partnerships, disrupt outdated systems and accelerate solutions that genuinely benefit our clients. 


As leaders in the multi-currency sphere, we take a holistic approach to alternative banking. With Interpolitan, you can move into the future and fulfil financial ambitions swiftly and easily. 


Anywhere you want to go, we’ll be there with you.  


“We are committed to staying at the forefront of our industry and to bringing you the latest and greatest in account solutions.”

Rishi Patel, Chief Executive


To connect a global community through our exclusive alternative banking solutions. 

Our values

INSPIRATION fuels creativity. 

Inspired leadership, data-driven decisions and collective upskilling help us achieve success. We use deep insight to find inspiration and create financial solutions that empower our clients. 

INTERACTION creates connection.

We interact and collaborate with each other and our clients to build strategy, deliver services and find solutions. Every interaction is an opportunity to grow, evolve and find a better way. 

INNOVATION breaks barriers.

We look for solutions, rather than problems, and encourage team members to share and explore new ideas and better processes. The relationships and networks we cultivate help us drive innovation

INTEGRITY first, always.

Our clients can depend on us to guide them respectfully, with integrity and honesty. We adhere to industry regulations, data protection laws and compliance requirements at all times. 

INFORMATION is everything.

Positive and approachable, we offer constructive advice and make information easy to find and understand. We put our clients first and believe in the power of effective communication. 

Our Values
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Work with us

At Interpolitan, we break down barriers and foster financial inclusion. Join our mission to empower clients by delivering premium alternative banking solutions.

Partner with us

Our partnership opportunities can help you retain and grow your client base. 

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