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Escrow Services

Our escrow solutions are used to manage the secure transition of funds for a range of transactions, for corporate and private equity entities. 


As an Escrow Agent, Interpolitan understands that global transaction risk is a top priority for businesses. When making financial transactions, either as a buyer or a seller, it’s important to secure funds essential to your success.

We offer both individuals and institutional investors across different sectors Escrow accounts to hold funds on behalf of two or more entities to be released as per an Escrow Agreement.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer a range of escrow services to support M&A transactions globally, acting as an independent party.

Holdback Escrows

Interpolitan Money offers Holdback accounts designed to mitigate transactional risk. We enable clients to place a portion of the purchase price that is not paid at the closing date in escrow. Our third-party escrow account solution will securely hold the funds until obligations as per the terms of the purchase agreement are satisfied.

Good Faith Deposits

Good Faith Deposits, allow Interpolitan clients to hold a portion of the transaction purchase price in escrow, while two or more parties engage in bidding. If an agreement is cancelled then Interpolitan returns funds as per any cancellation terms. 

M&A Takeover Codes

Regulations in certain jurisdictions can differ. Takeover Codes for example in the United Kingdom & Hong Kong – require a confirmation from a financial advisor in an M&A deal that funds are available to move the transaction forward.

Closing & Paying Agent

Our Corporate Escrow Services can be used to centralise multiple funding sources to cover the total purchase price held before the deal closes. The Escrow account has two solutions:

  •  Closing Agent.
    To facilitate the exchange between the seller and the buyer.

  • Paying Agent. Interpolitan distributes funds to the selling shareholders directly from an escrow account.


Key Features

We act as an independent third party, holding funds or assets in our range of cost-effective escrow services until the agreed terms have been obligated on all sides. 

Suitable for dealing with individuals or entities around the world 
Seamless integration with FX risk hedging and mass payment services
the future is open

Escrow for Capital Markets 

Interpolitan Money provides businesses with escrow accounts to segregate bond and loan proceeds for various transactional purposes and to mitigate against funds being used for unintentional purposes. 

Solutions typically used by M&A or SPVs, for VAT escrow accounts, construction, acquisitions, pending regulatory approvals. 


We offer a range of services to meet your needs

As an Escrow agent, Interpolitan Money is making it simpler to manage escrow accounts, minimising risk by holding funds in escrow for global and local transactions.  

Maintain business growth 
View and manage all your upcoming or completed payments 
Online automation of mass payments
Process and issue thousands of payments at a time
Deal with international mass payments 
Reduce time requirements and errors with easy, intelligent file preparation
Minimise fraud risk and increase transparency
Reduce currency risk with FX integration and no volume limits


Online Accounts






Global Offices


Risk Management

How it works


The buyer and seller agree to the terms of a transaction. You provide us with the details and terms of the agreement


The buyer deposits their funds into the Interpolitan escrow account, safeguarded by our Tier 1 Banking Partners


The buyer confirms the agreed goods or services have been received, the funds are transferred from the escrow account to the seller


Seller receives funds on time, avoiding costs from chargebacks or debt collections.

Once the escrow account balance is cleared as per the agreed terms the escrow agreement is terminated.
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Open an Escrow account 

Benefit from fast onboarding. We open accounts in 7-10 days to ensure your critical timeframes are met. 

Escrow for Litigation

Interpolitan Money offers corporate clients escrow solutions for class action lawsuits and settlement appeals.  

Class-Action Lawsuit

Interpolitan Money escrow accounts can be used as a qualified settlement fund to hold the settlement amount on behalf of the defendant. Initiate payments to be distributed after a class action lawsuit, according to the agreed terms. 

Judgement Appeal

Interpolitan Money escrow accounts can hold funds, giving plaintiffs and defendants the assurance that funds will be available upon the court ruling. During an appeals process, the courts may ask the defendants to deposit some or all of the potential award into an escrow account. 

Cross-border Transactions

We offer a full FX Risk management service to manage any foreign currency exposure in 55+ currencies from 160+ countries.

Global Network

Our Escrow Services team have a wealth of experience in executing global transactions with a global client base across the UK, EU, Middle East, Asia, US and Latin America.

The team can advise on currency solutions tailored to each client to manage foreign exchange risk and mitigate against currency volatility affecting your escrow transactions.

Global Team 

Our team of professionals are spread across our London, Mumbai and Dubai offices, supporting a global client base, with the ability to open escrow bank accounts in all major currencies fast.

With access to an account manager, we operate across multiple time zones and jurisdictions, managing our client's accounts, cross-border transactions and FX exposure.

Global Onboarding 

Our global client base has experienced some form of banking barriers.

Fast and efficient KYC and onboarding. Our team of specialists focus on complex accounts working with non-residents and international businesses providing them with alternative banking solutions with our 7-10 days account opening timeframe. 

Our Partners

Vision and growth. The Future Is Open!

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