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We know how valuable good client relationships are.
Our range of partnership opportunities can help you retain and grow your customer base.


Our partners

Benefits to your business  

Flexible models

We offer commission and non-revenue models to suit your business needs.


Enjoy co-marketing opportunities and localised content.


Grow and retain your customer base by offering our international accounts.

Serving intermediaries

We work with a range of intermediaries, including partners, affiliates and introducers all over the world. 

Interpolitan Icon_PMS 10355-01_edited.png
  • Lawyers  

  • Accountants 

  • Wealth managers  

  • Tax advisors 

  • Audit advisors  

  • Corporate service providers  

Interpolitan Icon_PMS 10355-01_edited.png
  • Fiduciary firms  

  • Funds administrators  

  • Family offices  

  • Private equity firms  

  • Immigration firms  

  • Corporate registries (onshore, offshore, and free zone company solutions)  

Get in touch with us to learn how we can tailor our products and services to your clients' unique needs.

Benefits to your clients 

Named accounts

Local and global account solutions with unique IBANs. 

Global transactions

Hold funds in more than 55 currencies and transact in over 160 countries.

Personal support

Personal service via telephone, email or the Interpolitan app.


Where we operate 

  • UAE  

  • Qatar  

  • Saudi Arabia  

  • China  

  • Taiwan  

  • Thailand  

  • Singapore  

  • Hong Kong  

  • India  

  • South Africa  

  • Mauritius   

  • Isle of Man 

  • Kenya 

  • Ireland 

  • Jersey  

  • Guernsey 

  • Switzerland  

  • Luxembourg  

  • Malta  

  • Netherlands  

  • Bermuda 

  • British Virgin Islands  

  • Cayman Islands 

  • Canada 

​Our offices:


  • London  

  • Dubai 

  • Mumbai

Safe and secure

We take compliance seriously at Interpolitan and always hold funds securely.

Authorised and regulated

Authorised by the FCA, with bank-grade cybersecurity in place.

Tier one banking partners

Client funds held in safeguarding accounts with tier one banking partners.

Full KYC onboarding

Experienced compliance team for secure customer onboarding.

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