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Clients are provided with their own unique IBAN and account numbers across multiple jurisdictions. Pay & collect from 160+ countries and hold funds in 55+ currencies all within one platform.

Through our secure online platform, clients can monitor their accounts, live transactions and historic trades. Open an international account today.

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Pay Global Suppliers 

Interpolitan is directly connected to payment networks around the world ensuring back-to-back payment processing in multiple jurisdictions.

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Local Payment processing

Interpolitan provides you with the freedom to process payments seamlessly to over 160 countries and enables you to collect monies in over 55 currencies.

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Avoid Payment delays

Instant pre-payment validation. This prevents errors occurring and  avoidable delays, ensure payments arrive on time.

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Global Payment Networks

Electronic transfers are delivered by SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments and BACS.

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Pre Beneficiary Verification

All beneficiaries that Interpolitan pay are verified via our financial crime and sanctions filter process ensuring your payments remain compliant. 

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Settlements team

Interpolitan has a dedicated settlements team who proactively provide support and advice.


Key Features

  • Unique named accounts

  • Pay, collect & hold up to 55 different currencies

  • Multi-jurisdictional domiciled account details 

  • Facilitate all types of entities and individuals from around the world with complex structures

  • FX hedging risk solutions  

  • Transact like a local

  • Send & receive funds to over 160 countries 

  • Access to USD, GBP, EUR and 50+ currencies 

Fees apply
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