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Interpolitan host Peter Cook, British Deputy High Commissioner to Gujarat and Rajasthan

Earlier this week we welcomed Peter Cook to the Interpolitan office, who is appointed in Ahmedabad as the British Deputy High Commissioner to Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Hosted by founder and CEO of Interpolitan Rishi Patel, the meeting was attended by several leading British company executives to discuss trade initiatives and opportunities between London, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The meeting, held in Mayfair, comes as the UK and India are currently in on-going trade deal negations.

India’s Piyush Goyal recently commented that the aim is to conclude talks by October and to deliver a full trade agreement between the two countries.

The trade deal will aim to improve growing sectors such as health, technology, and market access for goods for both British and Indian imports and exports, creating many more new jobs. Mr Goyal said at the time; "This partnership will become a defining moment for world trade in the 21st century,"

According to the press release, the “agreement will create huge benefits for both countries and could boost our total trade by up to £28 billion a year by 2035 and increase wages by up to £3 billion across the UK”.

Interpolitan has recently launched its new Mumbai office and has seen significant growth and opportunity between the two countries including key special economic zones such as Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Our mission is to create a truly global alternative banking solution, in the space between our clients banking barriers and their financial goals. Interpolitan provides an international multi-currency account platform for non-resident, private, corporate, fund & institutional clients with relationship managers as standard.

At Interpolitan, we are dedicated to the India corridor and we're building a borderless alternative banking experience for Indian residents. Connect and watch this space for more details.



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