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Interpolitan announces partnership with British Marine and Superyachts UK.

18th April 2023

Alternative banking solutions provider Interpolitan Money has announced its partnership with British Marine and Superyachts UK. This collaboration will offer their members with alternative banking solutions and services to support global payments and account solutions. Members of this network span across all the superyacht design, build, refit, product, and support services that are required by owners, captains, and supporting marine industry businesses globally.

Interpolitan Money's portfolio of global clients with marine and yachting interests has been increasing, ranging from operations, logistics and brokers to investors, making the partnership a natural fit. The company will be listed under the Finance, Insurance, and Legal service categories.

Interpolitan Money is committed to attending British Marine and Superyachts UK events and working with their membership base to help raise awareness of their services and solutions. Particularly for those who require account solutions and FX risk management services to manage international payments, supporting payroll through to yacht investments.

Interpolitan Money will be attending its first events today and tomorrow, including:

This marks a significant milestone in Interpolitan Money's partnership with the marine and yachting industry, providing essential account solutions and services for the network's members.


Interpolitan Money: a truly global alternative banking solution

Interpolitan offers a comprehensive alternative banking solution. We use cutting-edge technology to handle multi-currency accounts from beginning to end, allowing clients to pay, collect and hold funds in 55+ currencies from 160+ countries.

Accelerate your international growth with named local accounts, virtual IBANs and access to FX risk management solutions.

We can open client accounts within 7- 10 working days. Funds are held in designated, safeguarded bank accounts with tier one banking partners.

Connect and watch this space for more news and updates from Interpolitan.

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