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Celebrating diversity

Find out how we support diversity and inclusion in each of our global offices.

Everyone matters. By embracing our differences, we can build a better workplace and a stronger business. 

At Interpolitan Money, inclusion means creating a workplace where everyone can thrive in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We actively promote a culture of collaboration and openness, ensuring that voices at every level are heard and valued. 

From flexible working arrangements to healthcare benefits, our initiatives are designed to support the unique needs of our employees and help each of them reach their full potential. 

“People thrive in the right circumstances,” says CEO and Founder Rishi Patel, “which is why I'm so excited by the diversity and inclusion initiatives we’ve put in place. It’s wonderful to watch the team grow and flourish at Interpolitan.” 

Open feedback initiative 

We want everyone to feel included, which is why we maintain an open-door policy and encourage team members to share concerns at any time. Questions about diversity and inclusion also appear in our annual survey and we make regular changes in response to feedback. 

By working together, we can remove barriers to opportunity and create a truly groundbreaking inclusion strategy. 

Fair recruitment policy 

Our hiring processes directly impact diversity within the company. With this in mind, we have established a fair and transparent recruitment policy and encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply for open roles at Interpolitan. 

Candidates who need additional support will receive assistance throughout the recruitment process and are welcome to provide feedback whenever they wish. 

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Championing inclusion 

At Interpolitan, we expect everyone to treat colleagues, clients and members of the community with dignity and respect. We're proud of our welcoming culture, and we know that maintaining it requires ongoing input from the entire team. 

We do not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying for any reason, including age, race, colour, national origin, health status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, religion or any other protected characteristic. 

Together, we’re committed to making Interpolitan a place where everyone can succeed and feel valued. 

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