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Learn how our commitment to sustainability makes a difference at Interpolitan and beyond.

At Interpolitan, we believe that sustainable practices are essential for the long-term health of our business, our community and our planet.

We're working to minimise our environmental impact, promote social responsibility and ensure economic viability across all global offices.

Our aim is to provide outstanding service while reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. By prioritising sustainable growth, we plan to create lasting value for our clients, team members and stakeholders while contributing to a better future for all.

Here’s how we're maximising sustainability, now and in the future.

How we’re sustainable

100% renewable energy. The electricity we use to power our London office comes from entirely renewable resources.

Energy-saving initiatives. We’ve installed low-energy lighting and other eco-friendly tech to help us conserve power.

Recycling. We take part in recycling schemes to ensure no plastic, metal or paper products end up in landfill.

Refillable water bottles. All team members receive branded water bottles to reduce the need for single-use plastic.

Cloud hosting. Secure cloud storage solutions help our teams collaborate while minimising the consumption of resources.

Future initiatives

Digital-first approach. We’re making the switch from manual paperwork to secure, GDPR-compliant digital forms.

Impact assessment. We will measure our carbon footprint to make sure our business practices are as eco-friendly as possible.

Climate focus. We will formalise our environmental governance practices and create a path to carbon neutrality.

Solar Panels

Why sustainability matters

Five core values lie at the heart of every Interpolitan initiative: Inspiration, Information, Interaction, Innovation and Integrity. We’re driven by a sense of fairness and an ethical commitment not just to our employees and clients, but also the world at large.

"Sustainability is tremendously important in any business,” says CEO and Founder Rishi Patel. “By making eco-friendly practices and carbon reduction a priority, we can help preserve the environment for future generations.”

To learn more about our tailored services or become a client, get in touch today.

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