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Work Experience

Explore the world of finance and gain valuable skills via one-to-one mentorship with an Interpolitan work experience placement.

Would you like to explore the world of finance, hone your skills and gain valuable experience while still in school or university?

We’ve designed the Interpolitan Money work experience program for individuals aged 16 and over who:

  • Have completed their GCSEs and are curious about finance.

  • Currently attend sixth form and want to learn more about alternative banking.

  • Are looking for industry placements while at university or college.

Our placements vary in length from a few days to a year, depending on your needs.

Why choose us?

Hands-on learning: Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment and work closely with industry experts to gain the practical and financial skills you need to find a foothold in finance.

Tailored to your goals: Learn about finance, marketing, compliance, analysis and other aspects of the finance industry and discover your passion.

Professional development: Build your professional network and enhance your CV with valuable experience from a globally recognised financial institution.

Flexible and supportive

One-on-one mentorship: Our supportive mentors will guide you every step of the way, offering insights and advice to help you succeed.

Flexible options: We offer both short-term school holiday placements longer-term university internships, plus flexible options to accommodate your schedule and academic commitments.

Unlock your potential: We believe in nurturing talent and empowering the next generation of finance professionals. Join us and build the confidence you need to thrive in a fast-paced world. 

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Start your career with Interpolitan

At Interpolitan, we treat employees, clients and members of the community with dignity and respect. We're proud of our welcoming culture, and we know that maintaining it requires ongoing input from the entire team. 

Ready to kickstart your journey in finance?

Apply now for Interpolitan Money's work experience program and begin a learning experience that will transform your future.

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