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Interpolitan sits in the space between cities, countries and people. We exist to help clients navigate the global alternative banking landscape.

In the past, financial journeys were fraught with red tape, slow systems and arbitrary transaction limits. Now, everything has changed. Thanks to our unique approach, Interpolitan clients can meet financial goals and make cross-border transactions easily, all over the world.  


Our corporate logo represents a world without borders, while our peacock “totem” animal defines Interpolitan’s company ethos. An emblem of integrity, wealth and trust, he embodies our standing as reliable specialists in the global financial industry. 


An all-seeing, regenerative figure across mythology and history, the peacock also represents our vision for alternative banking as we assess our impact from all viewpoints, both within the financial industry and across the wider environment.  


Interpolitan is a synergy of people, places and practices that combine to form meaningful partnerships, disrupt outdated systems and accelerate solutions that genuinely benefit our clients. 


As leaders in the multi-currency sphere, we take a holistic approach to alternative banking. With Interpolitan, you can move into the future and fulfil financial ambitions swiftly and easily. 


Anywhere you want to go, we’ll be there with you.  

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