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Interpolitan sits in the space between cities; the space between countries; the space between people, and we are there to navigate clients through global alternative banking with ease.

Whilst past financial journeys have been fraught with red tape, slow systems or arbitrary limits, we invite clients from all over the world to find that in our company, the space between borders is open - to make transactions to fulfil your financial goals whatever the route.


Whilst our corporate logo symbolises a world without borders, the peacock above represents our company ethos. An emblem of integrity, wealth, and trust, he highlights our standing in the financial industry as reliable specialists with worldwide reach.


An all seeing, regenerative figure across mythology and history, the peacock also supports our values of vision and growth for alternative banking as we assess our business impact from all viewpoints, both within our industry and across the wider environment. 


The Interpolitan ‘space between’ is home to a combination of practices, people and places that are always in motion to forge collaborative partnerships, disrupt outdated systems and accelerate financial solutions to benefit our clients.


Facilitating a new generation of multicurrency account innovation, we take the bird’s eye view – or should we say the peacock’s eye? With Interpolitan, you can move from the present to the future, ambition to success with ease. 


Anywhere you want to go, there are no borders in the space between.


The future is open.

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