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Interpolitan partners with London & Partners

London & Partners is a business growth and destination agency for London and have worked with companies like Airbnb and Revolut.

Their work shines a global spotlight on London, and they support the Mayor of London's priorities by promoting London internationally as a leading world city, including The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan's recent trip to America.

Since 2011 London & Partners have reported some impressive numbers, highlighting their impact on the city of London’s economy by attracting international business.

  • £2.2bn added to London's economy.

  • 68k+ jobs created or supported.

  • 2,000+ overseas companies set up or expanded.

  • 9.1m international students reached.

  • 142m people inspired through

  • 2,554 events attracted.

  • 66,700 pieces of international media coverage.

Source London & Partners

Our partnership will further help and support overseas companies looking for alternative banking solutions to support their launch in the UK, but also London companies looking to expand internationally that require banking solutions.

Anjulie Patel – Senior Banking Executive ‘We have got off to a great start with some brilliant, innovative businesses being referred over by the team at L&P. I’m excited to see all the businesses we support with our banking solution flourish and look forward to seeing the relationship with the team at L&P go from strength to strength’

Interpolitan supports global businesses providing bespoke solutions in the form of named IBANs with multi-currency facilities and the ability to send, collect and hold in 55+ currencies from 160+ countries. Clients also have access to FX risk management solutions to mitigate currency exposure and volatility, working with a dedicated account manager to support them at every step, with the ultimate goal of allowing them to bank like a local while operating globally.

If you are looking to expand internationally and need a tailored solution to set up and grow your business, please contact us today.

If you require further operational and logistical information about scaling your business, then here are some useful links:

The UK is open for business, with Interpolitan.



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