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  • Jeanne Loganbill

Introducing Interpolitan Unplugged

We’re delighted to announce a new global wellness day off as part of our first Unplugged week... 

Every year, we conduct a global survey to find out how members of the Interpolitan team feel about working for the company. Because we want to create a healthy and supportive working environment, we encourage everyone to be as honest as possible. 

The results of our last annual survey were overwhelmingly positive. Most individuals in our global offices said they felt both engaged and empowered by their work on a regular basis – even when under pressure or faced with an important deadline.  

We find this very encouraging. Nonetheless, we won’t become complacent.  

At Interpolitan, we're deeply committed to corporate social responsibility, which means ethics are at the heart of all our decisions. Our five core values – Inspiration, Information, Integrity, Innovation and Interaction – guide how we interact internally and externally. 

We recognise that sustaining a high-growth business is a marathon, not a sprint, and as we expand rapidly into new regions, we know it's crucial to support our team. That's why we're introducing initiatives to help reduce stress and prevent burnout among our valued employees. 

Our inaugural global Interpolitan Unplugged week starts on August 5th. This new initiative is a designated week focused on wellness, mental health and destressing to avoid burnout. The week will include a company-wide wellness day off – a little extra time to relax and recharge. On the day, we encourage team members at all offices to focus on self-care, whether that’s a trip to the spa, a workout session, a personal appointment or simply spending quality time with family and friends. 

Our goal is to promote mental well-being and ensure that our employees have the time and space to recharge. We’d like to thank all our team members for their dedication and look forward to supporting them on their journey to holistic wellness. 

Are you ready to take the next step in your career journey? View and apply for open roles at Interpolitan via Workable, here 

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