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Introducing our Founder & CEO, Rishi Patel, featured in London Business Matters

We are excited to announce that Rishi Patel, Founder and CEO of Interpolitan Money, has been featured in the latest edition of London Business Matters, the monthly magazine of the London Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

In this month's issue, LCCI shines the spotlight on its network members through a special segment called "Two Minute Interview." Rishi Patel's interview provides insightful responses to thought-provoking questions, including:

  1. "If you were advising a young entrepreneur, which business person would you suggest as a model?"

  2. "Which piece of red tape causes the most problems for your company and why?"

To read the full interview and delve into Rishi's valuable perspectives, turn to page 66 of London Business Matters. You can access the digital magazine by clicking the following link:

This feature is a testament to our ongoing partnership with LCCI, as we proudly serve as part of their International Trade Advisory Service. Through this collaboration, we provide advisory support and services to LCCI members who seek assistance in accessing alternative banking solutions.

Interpolitan Money empowers businesses facing challenges in traditional banking methods by offering them the opportunity to open an account within just 7-10 days. This swift process supports international expansion into London and across the UK, enabling members to access the financial services they need efficiently.

Moreover, London-based businesses have leveraged our services to successfully fuel their global expansion projects and operations, especially in cases where accessing local banking facilities posed difficulties.

At Interpolitan Money, we are committed to facilitating seamless financial solutions for businesses, and this feature in London Business Matters reinforces our dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering international trade.


Interpolitan Money: a truly global alternative banking solution

Interpolitan offers a comprehensive alternative banking solution. We use cutting-edge technology to handle multi-currency accounts from beginning to end, allowing clients to pay, collect and hold funds in 55+ currencies from 160+ countries.

Accelerate your international growth with named local accounts, virtual IBANs and access to FX risk management solutions.

We can open client accounts within 7- 10 working days. Funds are held in designated, safeguarded bank accounts with tier one banking partners. Open an account today

Connect and watch this space for more news and updates from Interpolitan. Follow Interpolitan Money on:



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