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Standing Proud with Pride

Our commitment to inclusivity, understanding and respecting of the LGBT+ community and championing true diversity and inclusion.

At Interpolitan, we want everyone to feel that they can be themselves and thrive at work. For our LGBT+ colleagues it means knowing that they will be seen and heard as their true authentic selves—valued and appreciated for all that they are and what they contribute to Interpolitan's purpose to make an impact that matters.

PRIDE - A time for celebrations, recognition and togetherness. But it's not all about camp, glitz & commercial campaigns (well kind of), the march towards true equality is far from over. Pride is a time to reflect how far we have come and how to come together especially after the last few years.

At Interpolitan we stand with pride, committed to openness, diversity and inclusion to not only our employees but our clients', colleagues, partners, friends & family we work with.

Understanding, respect and inclusivity for the LGBT+ community is important to us no matter your background, where you are from and the culture and beliefs you follow. Our aim is to make everyone feel comfortable and be themselves. To be proud - proud as a peacock.

Inspired by our totem or symbol that is the Peacock, Interpolitan stands proud on a foundation of brand values known as our ‘Peacock Principles’ which support the core values of the company:

  • Vision

  • Pride

  • Growth

  • Teamwork

  • Resilience

PRIDE - Peacocks are impossible to miss and like to demonstrate their song and plumage.

For Interpolitan, these are our skills and experience. We take pride in selecting industry specialists and entrepreneurial thinkers for our talented team, ensuring that they enjoy continued professional development opportunities and keeping them at the forefront of the market competition.



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