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Walking for change: Interpolitan stepathon raises another £10,737 for Caudwell charities

According to research, office workers spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down. That’s the equivalent of a flight from London to Jamaica every single day.

It might sound comfortable – luxurious, even – but sedentary behaviour causes a lot of trouble, including tech neck, anxiety and an increased risk of type II diabetes. While regular reminders to move can help, meetings and projects often keep us at our desks for much of the day. 

Corporate fitness challenges promote movement on a much larger scale. In February, we launched a month-long stepathon, encouraging team members in all offices to walk as much as possible every day. More than half the company took part, collectively taking more than 4.1 million steps and raising a further £10,737.17 for Caudwell Children and Caudwell Youth

Here, we’ll find out more about the challenge and speak to the top three steppers to find out what taking part meant to them.  

Walking with purpose 

“In January, I suggested we run a global stepathon at Interpolitan to encourage physical activity and team bonding,” says Anoop Nair (Head of Country, India), highlighting how fitness challenges not only promote wellbeing but also foster team spirit and camaraderie. 

Anoop’s suggestion gained traction quickly. Team members from all offices signed up for the stepathon and on February 1st, the challenge began. Two weeks later, we published a mid-month leaderboard, triggering a healthy rivalry between three very athletic members of the team. 

“At first, I took things lightly because I had no idea how many people were following the event seriously,” says Husien Ali (Associate, Sales and Client Coverage). “But the first leaderboard motivated me and I stepped on the gas.” 

Other team members saw the stepathon as a chance to take their wellbeing routines up a notch. 

“I’ve been working on my fitness for the last eight or nine months, even in severe weather,” says Kushang Dajiwala (CRM Data Associate). “So, I kept my step count up to train for the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run, which took place during the stepathon on February 25th.” 

Ridley Cassidy (Associate, Sales and Client Coverage) also doubled down on his health goals. “I’ve always been enthusiastic about fitness and competition,” he says, “and this was a great opportunity to ‘exercise’ both of those interests.”

As time went on, things became increasingly competitive. During the final week, all three top contenders ran marathon distances nearly every day. 

“Running clubs played a major role this month, adding an important social factor to my long and ultra-long runs,” says Kushang.  

Husien pushed himself to the limit. “These were the kinds of workouts I used to do as a member of the American Football team at university,” he explains. “That’s how I got to the finish line.” 

In the end, Husien took 1,073,717 steps in February, winning first place. Ridley and Kushang weren’t far behind, with 996,745 and 912,345 steps respectively. 

“I’m so happy about the results,” says Kushang. “I'll always remember this achievement.” 

As part of the company’s ongoing philanthropy, Interpolitan will make a further £10,737.17 donation to Caudwell charities, transforming steps into tangible support for young children and teenagers all over the UK. 

“We’re delighted to donate for every step taken by our winner,” says Interpolitan CEO and Founder Rishi Patel. “Caudwell Children and Caudwell Youth play a critical role in the lives of young people across the nation, and we’re honoured to support such important work.” 

About Caudwell Children 

Established in 2000, Caudwell Children provides life-changing support to more than 14,000 children with disabilities every year. Since its foundation, the charity has helped over 50,000 children with funding for treatments, therapies and equipment. Other services, like supported holidays, respite care and practical help mean families and caregivers benefit too. 

In 2019, the charity opened the Caudwell International Children’s Centre (CICC) – the UK’s first purpose-built independent facility for children with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Located in Staffordshire, the centre also functions as the charity’s headquarters. 

About Caudwell Youth 

Founded in late 2022, Caudwell Youth works with at-risk young people between the ages of 11 and 24 in the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Luton and Milton Keynes areas. Recognising the negative effects of isolation and exclusion, one of its primary aims is to help young people build resilience and self-esteem so they make positive choices. 

When they’re referred to Caudwell Youth, individuals are matched with trained mentors who have similar interests. They’re given long-term mental health support, mentorship and, if applicable, opportunities to re-engage with school or find empowering work placements. 

Taking steps for change 

We believe the right support can help young people flourish. Access to cutting-edge treatments, vital services and equipment can transform the lives of disabled children, while early mentorship opportunities help teenagers build confidence and resilience. 

John covers Caudwell charities’ administration and operational costs in full, so all donations go directly to each organisation’s beneficiaries, maximising our collective efforts.  

We’ll organise similar fundraising events in the future, continuing our support for those in need – so, watch this space. 

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